To sum up who we are,

we are lingerie design enthusiasts who promote the importance of healthy lingerie wear.

The brand 'Diana's Lingerie' started in 1989 as a small family business. The company is based in Lenti, Hungary, close to the Austrian and Slovenian borders.

Diána Bt. company owner

We are proud to be a second generation family business (photo shows some of the owners: Diána Horváth, CEO,  Mária Horváthné Zakics, founder and lingerie designer, Péter Horváth, sales and marketing)

Our specialities are women's panties, tops and bras. Over the last three decades we have been continuously developing both technologically and professionally. In the beginning we made 4-5 different styles, now we have 30-40 styles in many different colours and patterns.

Our 34 years of teamwork is a guarantee of quality, which is regularly confirmed by our returning customers.

What is the production quality that we are so proud of?

  1. We design the patterns for our products, and over the years we have developed very comfortable garments. We work exclusively with our own tailoring patterns.
  2. We work exclusively with premium quality OEKO-TEX cotton fabrics. Fine-feeling, hypoallergenic cotton yarn.
  3. Very durable products are made with years of use, which requires the skilled knowledge of our professional seamstresses in addition to quality raw materials. All sewing processes are done in our workshop and only perfect products are sold.

Take a look around our shop and if you are not familiar with our products, it's time for you to become a lover of the Diána Lingerie brand. We will do our best to make it so! :) 



What do we offer to our loyal reseller partners

If you have previously ordered one of our basic products, you will be added to our newsletter list and we will occasionally send you special offers. In it, we present the new products we will design and manufacture and offer the possibility to pre-order them. Sounds good, right? Be our loyal partner!