Bikini style lace cotton panty - Black
Bikini style lace cotton panty - Black

Bikini style lace cotton panty - Black

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Sexy and restrained at the same time.

Medium-high waist, bikini-style panties with tight lace at the edges. Narrow bottom style. A simple, classic bottom for everyday use. For years, many of our customers have loved the style.

Recommended for those who don’t like wide-bottomed styles, but like to wear panties higher.

  • Made of cotton material
  • Medium high-waisted type
  • Base material: 92% cotton 8% elastane
  • Lace: The pattern of lace may vary.

Code: 071-fek

A little help with size selection. Depending on the height:

Weight (kg)
S 45-55
M 55-65
L 65-75
XL 75-85

In addition to our weight chart, we have created a size chart with product details. The height, width and elongation of the waist rubber were measured. To choose the exact size, please weigh an existing underwear and select the appropriate size based on the measured data in the table below. The product was weighed as shown in the picture.

Height(cm) Width(cm) Stretch(cm)
S 19 21 39
M 21 25 42
L 22 27 47
XL 23,5 28 50

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Ich kaufe diese Unterwäschen schon seit Jahren. Sie sind sehr bequem, lang genug für meine Taille und nicht zuletzt wunderschön!

Ester K.

Die zuletzt gekauften BHs und Slips sind ebenfalls sehr schön verarbeitet, aus feinem Material und die Größe ist perfekt.


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