We are glad that you are interested in the wholesale sale of our handmade cotton underwear.

Our wholesale prices are not public. However, we will be happy to send you the price list and the order form. Please write us an email at the following email address: info@dianaslingerie.com
In the email, write the name of your store or chain, and where you want to sell our underwear. If you have special questions or needs, please write them down as well.

We are mainly looking for wholesale partners in the following countries: Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland. Of course, we also welcome retail stores operating in other countries.

Thank you for your interest in our premium quality cotton underwear. Our manufacture is located in Hungary, so we send all deliveries from Hungary to our partners.


If you are ordering from us for the first time, we recommend that you order a sample package.

Minimum order value: €200 We don't have size packages, so you can order as many of any size as you like, even one piece.

We will provide you with further details of the order in the private email you received from us.


Delivery methods: Delivery to your home directly or delivery to a pick-up point

Our delivery partner is Packeta, which has a contract with the courier services and pick up points of the given country. In the list below, we show by country which courier company will deliver the package and how much it charges.

Home delivery fees up to 5kg:
Country Cost Courier company
Sweden  €24 Post Nord SE
Finland  €30 Post Nord FI
Denmark  €20 Post Nord DK
Germany  €15 Hermes
Switzerland  €26 Swiss Post


Delivery fees to the pick-up point up to 5 kg:
Country Cost Courier company
Sweden  €18 Post Nord SE
Finland  €21 Post Nord FI
Denmark  €17 Post Nord DK
Germany  €11 Hermes


If you order from other country, we will provide you information in private email.

Click here to select the nearest pick up point.

Pick-up point prices are significantly cheaper, we recommend this delivery option.

Delivery charges are valid from Jan 1, 2023 until withdrawn.


    • Cash on delivery is not possible.
    • New partner application, order information, request information about products: info@dianaslingerie.com